I’m writing from my room at the Chon Inter Hotel in Chonburi, where I’ve been staying for the past two weeks, and plan to stay for one more. For those of you who follow my Facebook posts you’ve gotten a pretty nitty gritty look into my recovery process, but I figured I should also send an email out to this group of special supporters to let you all know how things are going.

First off, the surgery was a success. I am healthy and on the mend, and taking things day by day here in Thailand. Saying that this is the most physically painful and emotionally challenging process I’ve ever had to endure is a massive understatement, but I remain grateful to be witness to and arbiter of my own transformation. Every day is a new discovery about my body, my will, my mental and emotional fortitude, my spiritual resolve…

The clinic staff have been wonderful, Dr. Suporn is kind and comforting, and I made a friend during my time in the hospital, a physical therapist named Aom who has gone out of her way since I moved back to the hotel to make sure I have everything I need.

I am scheduled to come back to New York a week from today, and that will be a whole other process of reentry. I’m a little terrified to encounter the pace of New York City  while I’m still so infirm, but I hope that my return to normal life can flow–along with my healing–in a gradual and graceful way.

I’ve been cautioned innumerable times that the first 3 months post-operative are the hardest, so I’ve got my sights set on the fall as time to be gentle with myself and to continue to focus on getting well and staying strong.

According to Dr. Suporn and his staff, all signs point to a healthy, beautiful, fully functional neovagina. It’s gonna take a while before it looks or feels that way, but I’m trying to stay faithful and trust in God, my doctor, and my body to keep up the good work.

I leave you with this photo taken yesterday in Bang Saen. Aom drove us there to have lunch at the beach. It was my first day out in the sun since the surgery, and I think it marked a turning point in my recovery. There have been some difficult hurdles these past few weeks, but I am praying that the worst is behind me and that I’m ready to meet the challenges (and pleasures!) ahead.

Thank you again, and as always, for making me and this dream become real.

Much love.