It’s long past time you got to know Shakina Nayfack. This trans actress, social activist, and all-around badass is making her silver screen debut astrans “truther” Lola on Hulu’s hysterically bold comedy Difficult People and we’re all lucky to bear witness to her sharp wit, one-liners, and increasingly creative 9/11 conspiracy theories. Lola’s one of the very few trans supporting characters in a TV comedy, and she couldn’t be in better hands. But there’s a lot more to Shakina than what you see when she's playing opposite Billy Eichner, Julie Klausner, and a slew of delightful guest stars. She’s been on the scene as a cutting-edge performance artist, creator, and nurturer of new works for years and her voice, drive, and passion has made an incredible impact on countless lives. We were lucky to sit down with her and chat all about Lola, her risky HB2-inspired tour of North Carolina, and what we can look forward to next. 

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