The TV Tropes wiki might be packed full of television’s most overused clichés and storytelling devices, but nowhere throughout its thousands upon thousands of web pages will you find an entry for “trans truther.” That’s because there has only been one such character in the history of TV, and she’s played by New York’s own Shakina Nayfack.

Nayfack, a performer and actress who debuted her one woman rock musical, Manifest Pussy, at Joe’s Pub last June, recently joined the cast of Hulu’s Difficult People. She plays Lola, a self-described “trans truther” who’s as eager to call out transphobic comments as she is to tell anyone within earshot that “Bush did 9/11.”

I recently had the chance to speak with Shakina over the phone. Over the course of our conversation, she touched on a number of important conversations like casting trans actors in trans roles, playing an “imperfect” trans character (i.e., a narcissistic asshole who happens to be trans), taki ng Manifest Pussy on the road in protest of North Carolina’s anti LGBT legislation, and, yes, whether or not jet fuel can melt steel beams.

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