Butoh is a form of dance and performance art with roots in Japan’s post-war avant-garde movement. It has since become a major tool for performers across the genres of dance, theatre, film, and performance art. 

Shakina is a third-generation Butoh artist, trained beneath Diego PIñón, founder of Body Ritual Movement. Shakina's approach integrates traditional Butoh exercises with new, inter-cultural explorations in text-based imagery, mysticism, guided improvisation, and active meditation.

Read more about Shakina's Butoh training in Mexico in her book Alchemy is Dancing - click to download PDF



Death Drive is a 2015 American film written by Robert Felt and directed by L.E. Salas, with Butoh performance and choreography by Shakina Nayfack. The film explores the self-destructive tendencies in gay male sexuality. It is a highly explicit work of experimental film that transcends genre, gender, and expectation. Note: video contains brief nudity.

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