To celebrate the 4 year anniversary of my gender confirmation I’ve released this album of guided mediations. My hope is to share with my friends some of the mindfulness practices that have helped me get through the greatest physical and emotional challenges in my life. Now more than ever we need to cultivate disciplined minds so we can survive the constant barrage of toxic noise around us and harness our individual and collective abilities to heal ourselves, our society, and the planet.

I chose to the title the album RESOLVE because the word implies a stead-fast commitment, finding a solution to a conflict, and a pleasant harmonic shift—all things we are working towards in our daily lives and our world at large.

The whole album features original music by my friend and collaborator Ben Bonnema, and all proceeds will be donated to programs in the Prison Dharma Network, organizations that provide meditation, mindfulness, or contemplative programs in prisons around the world.

These meditations are simple, and can be used one at a time or in any combination for a longer session. The first four, BREATH, BODY, THOUGHTS, and EMOTIONS are basic awareness practices that can help you quiet your mind. The second two, GIVING AND RECEIVING and ARMOR OF GOD, are slightly longer visualizations taken from Vajrayana Buddhist and Christian traditions. The last, BENEDICTION, is a short guided re-entry to end your daily practice.

You can listen to or purchase the whole album above, or find it on iTunes, Spotify, GooglePlay, CDBaby or wherever your buy or stream music!

I hope you enjoy it, and if it helps you out please leave a review and let me know!

Gratitude to all my teachers,


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