One year ago I was on stage at Joe's Pub premiering ONE WOMAN SHOW and celebrating the launch of KickStartHer. Musical Theatre Factory was nothing more than an idea I had shared with a couple people. On my birthday I vowed that 2014 would be my last year with a male body, and also that I was done producing work on my own. I had no idea that my friends, family, and community would come together in such bold and loving ways to help make both of these dreams come true. This year has been a tremendous gift. I'm exceedingly grateful and indebted to everyone who has shown support for my personal and professional evolution.

My prayer for 2015 is that, with the confidence and clarity found in a more fully actualized self, and the resources and relationships formed in the birth of a new creative organization, this coming year will bless me with energy and opportunities to continue growing: That I may be able to offer my best to the ones I love. That I heal well and easily, and in my healing discover new sources of strength. That I learn how to better care for myself with discipline and compassion. That I may welcome into my life the romance and affection I desire and deserve. That I can find a way to keep the Factory afloat, and in so doing continue to support the dreams of others. That I continue to sing. These are my birthday wishes.

Thank you.