It was a brief interaction, but I think impactful:

Me, in a bright yellow sundress carrying my designer Thai post-op butt pillow, to a gorgeous, swarthy Australian soccer player in uniform as we're both leaving breakfast at the Chon Inter Hotel Cafe: "What are you guys here for?"

Gorgeous, Swarthy Australian Soccer Player in Uniform: "Soccer."

Me: "Oh cool, like a competition?"

Him: "Tournament, yeah"

Me: "That's awesome! (Pause) Hey, you know this hotel is like full of transsexuals right?"

(At this point there are now 7 or 8 other soccer players around him as we head toward the elevator)

Him: "Oh? Really?"

(As if he and the rest of the team hadn't already noticed and made plenty of under-their-breath comments to one another since yesterday.)

Me, now to the group: "Yeah, this hotel is like a famous place where all of us come to have our surgeries done, so it was cool to see a bunch of soccer players here too."

Him, now fully aware of being surrounded by his mates while talking with a giant, bald transsexual in a bright yellow sundress holding a designer Thai post-op butt pillow: "Nice."

He throws a slightly less than uncomfortable chin-up nod of affirmation.

Me, skipping off to the clinic: "Well, good luck with your games!"

(A finger wave, the elevator arrives)

Him, and several of the others: "Thanks./Thanks!/Thanks?"

The boys get in the elevator as she turns to leave.

--End scene--*

*They're here for 5 more days, I asked the concierge. Mark my words, I will be getting a group a photo before they go.

To quote Ben Bonnema‘s BOYS WHO TRICKED ME: “a fella’s always gotta have a fella with a handsome calf.”


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